A Traveler’s Guide of the Sandhill Crane Migration

By LeAnna Brown

Most people, especially travelers, have bucket lists of things they want to do and explore.  Some are big items, some are small, but none the less, they are usually something that they know will leave a lasting impression and memory in their minds for years and years to follow. If you live in Nebraska (shoot, even if you don’t!), if you don’t have “See the Sandhill Crane Migration” on your bucket list, you are doing yourself a disservice!

This often overlooked and underrated annual event is majestic, beautiful, inspiring and everything you need to look at Nebraska travel in a whole new light.

Find out why you need to go this year, where to stay, when to go and more at this “A Traveler’s Complete Guide to the Sandhill Crane Migration in Kearney, Nebraska” article!