10 Insta-Worthy Murals in Kearney

By Krystal Webster

If you are someone who loves a good photo-op, don’t hesitate to check out these Insta-worthy murals located all around Kearney! Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just a fun pic, we’ve got you covered.

1.  Sandhill Crane Mural
Corner of W 21st Street & Central Avenue, Downtown Kearney
(North side of Bruce’s Furniture)

Not only is a Nebraska sunset indescribable, but from late February to early April, over 600,000 Sandhill Cranes converge on the Platte River near Kearney. This mural takes two events that can only be experienced in Kearney, Nebraska.
More info on the Cranes.


2. Kearney Public Library
2020 1st Avenue, Downtown Kearney

When you’re not outside getting the perfect photo op with the mural, the Kearney Public Library has several events and activities for all ages on the inside.


3. Kearney Community Theatre
83 Plaza Boulevard

Home to several theatre performances throughout the year, the Kearney Community Theatre brings to life all of your favorites!


4. Spread Your Wings
Corner of E 23rd Street & Central Avenue, Downtown Kearney
(South wall of Yandas Music)

Transform into a butterfly and spread yours wings!


5. Coca-Cola
119 W. North Railroad Street, Downtown Kearney

This hidden gem is located on the outside wall of the Chesterman Coca-Cola/Dr. Pepper bottling plant. The mural on the left can only be seen when on the bridge going over the tracks.
(Photo credit: Impact Art)


6. Stand Out Be Bold
In the alley between The World Theatre and Cunningham’s Journal, Downtown Kearney

Just a friendly reminder!


7. Lincoln Highway
South wall of Garrett Tires at 18 W. 25th St, Downtown Kearney

Did you know: Kearney is located along the Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental road ever built in the United States.
(Photo credit: Impact Art)


8. Kearney Veterans of Foreign Wars
2215 1st Avenue, Downtown Kearney

The entire outside of the building is a mural, and you can’t drive passed it without the stars and stripes catching your eye. The signs says “Everyone Welcome” so stop on in!
(Photo credit: Impact Art)


9. Gillies Bar
1822 Central Avenue, Downtown Kearney

Gillies is where the regular people, aren’t really your “regular” people. Filled with a lot of character, inside and out!

10. Salon Eleven.27
14 W 23rd Street, Downtown Kearney

On the outside wall of a local salon, this mural screams unique and beautiful.