My First Experience With the Sandhill Crane Migration

By Ann Teget, Postcard Jar

My husband Steve and I travel the U.S. and the world, writing about our experiences on a blog at www.postcardjar.com. As a native Nebraskan, I’d heard about the annual migration of more than half a million Sandhill Cranes just a few hours from my home in southeast Nebraska. But for some reason, I’d never taken the time to pull off Interstate 80 and watch these incredible birds or learn about the annual migration that brings them right through the heart of our country and the middle of my home state.

Then, in 2016, for the first time and at age 47, I experienced the cranes’ decent on the Platte River. As I watched and listened from a blind at Rowe Sanctuary near Kearney, all I could think to myself, was why hadn’t I done this before?

Read all about my first Sandhill Crane experience and see why it ranks among my top travel experiences of all time.

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Ann Teget and her husband, Steve, are a married couple who are making the most of midlife. They write authentic stories about extraordinary travel. You can follow along on all of their journeys at PostcardJar.com or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram