Other Birding Guides

Other Birding Guides

Nebraska Flyway

Bald Eagles, prairie chickens, sharp-tailed grouse, black-tailed prairie dogs, hawks, waterfowl and more can also be observed in Central Nebraska. Nebraska’s Rainwater Basins is situated midway between wintering areas along the Texas Gulf Coast and southward, and breeding sites as far north as the Arctic. It serves as an important resting and refueling place to waterfowl.

Praire Chicken Tours

Watch Southwest Nebraska’s Greater Prairie Chickens strut their stuff in a spectacular show each Spring. Join a group of early morning birders from mid-March to early April to observe the annual mating dance. prairiechickendancetours.com

Central Eagle Viewing

Central’s Eagle-viewing facility at the J-2 Hydroplant opens for the season on the end of December and will be open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. through February. Spotting scopes are provided and attendants are available to answer questions. J-2 is located about seven miles south of Lexington. Kingsley Eagle Viewing Facility is located on the south side of Kingsley Dam at Lake McConaughy. There is no charge to visit the facilities, but call ahead to make sure space is available.
CNIPPID Holdrege Office: 308-995-8601
J-2 Viewing Facility: 308-324-2811
Kingsley Viewing Facility: 308-284-2332