Sandhill Crane FAQs

  • What should I wear?
    Nebraska weather is variable during this time. We encourage you to prepare for very cold temperatures. (The blinds do not have heat!) Plus, you can always take layers off if it gets warm. Dark clothes, warm hats, boots and gloves are recommended.
  • What should I bring?
    Binoculars, camera (no flashes, see photography policy), warm drinks & snacks are allowed, NO flashlights.
  • Can I watch the birds from my vehicle?
    Your vehicle can be a great blind for viewing! However, do not stop in the middle of the road and be respectful of local traffic and farm machinery.
  • When is the best time to view the cranes?
    The cranes are eating in the cornfields during the day. The designated pull-offs allow you to view them in the field. At sunset, they congregate on the Platte River to sleep, then return to the fields at sunrise. The blinds at Rowe Sanctuary are located on the river and allow you to go out at sunrise and sunset.
  • Can I view from other places not listed?
    Most of the land along the Platte River is private property. Please respect the land owners and do not trespass. That’s why public viewing areas are provided.
  • Is there a fall migration?
    Yes! The cranes do fly over this area as they head south for the winter, but they may only stop for the night and not build into large numbers. They can be seen nearly everyday in October flying over.