Sandhill Crane Viewing Etiquette

  • Do not stop on major (paved) roadways, driveways or any other private road or gated entry.
  • Do not stop abruptly if you see a flock of birds from the road.  The person traveling behind you may not be a crane watcher.
  • When viewing birds from a county roadside (gravel road), please pull as far off the road as possible and use your emergency flashers.  Most crane watchers tend to drive these roads slowly, so be mindful of farm machinery and local traffic by pulling over when necessary.
  • Do not attempt to approach the birds.  Use your vehicle as a “blind” and stay in your car or right next to it when setting up tripods for spotting scopes or cameras.
  • Do not attempt to approach birds on their roosts.  One alarm call from a bird can send the entire flock into a panicked flight, using up precious energy reserves and exposing the birds to hazards such as power lines – not to mention ruining the viewing experience of other visitors.
  • It is illegal – and a disturbance to other birdwatchers – to harass cranes and other birds in any manner.
  • Most land in the Platte River valley is private property.  DO NOT TRESPASS!
  • Binoculars and spotting scopes are a real benefits for better viewing of all species of birds.