Top 5 Greatest Hidden Gems in Kearney Nebraska

1. Classic Car Collection

Explore the evolution and America’s love affair with the automobile at one of the finest car collections between Chicago and Denver! In addition to the cars and memorabilia, you’ll enjoy a multimedia display with stories of the collector. See a 1940’s gas station and drive-in movie theater. Browse the gift shop and grab a drink or snack from the machines available in the diner. Located along the Lincoln Highway, the Classic Car Collection is a must-see attraction. Click here for more!

2. The Archway

Immersing you in stories of the trails, rails and highways that ran along the Great Platte River Road and spurred the westward expansion of the United States, The Archway covers over 170 years’ worth of American history in meticulous detail. See and hear the stories of the pioneers who traversed the perilous trails. Feel the rumble of the Iron Horse as it connects the American empire and mosey down the Lincoln Highway as you continue along the Great Platte River Road that helped transform a country. It’s a unique experience that’s sure to create unforgettable memories. More on the Kearney Archway!

3. Kearney Area Children’s Museum

The largest children’s museum between Lincoln and Denver! Come experience interactive exhibits that are designed with fun and learning in mind. There are 24 exhibits that include Public Safety, Science, Trains, Art, and Agriculture. Children can grow their creativity and interests while exploring the world around them. Spend a couple hours or the whole day.

4. Kearney Water Trail

The Kearney Water Trail includes a 2.3 mile float down the Kearney Canal. Public access points are at the northeast corner of Yanney Park (a great city park with a lake, splash grounds, observation tower, labyrinth and more) and along Central Avenue behind Midway Auto. The water trail is a family friendly venue and is ideal for both beginners or expert kayakers or you can use a canoe. The canal is public and free of charge. Want to use trail but don’t have a kayak, no problem, Kearney Paddle Sports has you covered! Click here for more!

Sandhill Crane Migration

One of the greatest spectacles of the natural world – the migration of 600,000 sandhill cranes! From February through mid-April, trumpeting formations of these ancient birds fill the skies over Kearney. By day, the giant gray cranes forage on Nebraska cropland, but at night they converge by the thousands to safely roost in the shallows of the Platte River. Be sure to add this to your bucket list next spring, click here for more info!

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