Top 7 Most Instagramable Places in Kearney

September 7, 2018


By Krystal Webster
Take your Instagram game up a level and visit these places that will no doubt make your followers jealous.
Make sure that phone is charged and get ready for an adventure!

The Archway

You see that giant building expanding over Interstate-80 near Kearney? Yep – that’s the Archway, and not only is it cool to look at from the outside, it’s actually a museum that you can explore on the inside!

Listen in on the headset to the stories as you walk with the pioneers over the Oregon Trail, watch a rider make a quick stop to switch horses at a Pony Express Station, and hear Mark Twain’s account of a cross-country stage coach trip. You will also relive the building of the transcontinental railroad and visit a travelers’ campground to hear stories of life on “America’s Main Street,” the Lincoln Highway. All this history, and more, happened right here on the path along the Platte River in Nebraska, and the Archway’s family-friendly exhibit brings our rich history to life.

Yanney Park

This park is famous among the locals and is definitely a must-stop for visitors. Find a picture-perfect view by climbing to the top of Yanney Tower, standing on the dock, enjoying the garden or walking the labyrinth.

This is also a popular spot for fishing, getting on the hike/bike trail and kayaking down the water trail. Picnic shelters are also available as well as paddleboat rentals.

Downtown “The Bricks”

“The Bricks” feature a unique, cultural vibe that is totally photo-worthy. Whether it’s a night out with your friends, venturing into all the boutique shops or taking the family to one of many events held here, we suggest taking a few moments for the perfect selfie.

There’s something for everybody in downtown Kearney!

University of Nebraska at Kearney

We dare you to walk through campus without stopping to snap a few pics.

UNK has plenty of things to brag about, including it’s photogenic architecture.

It’s always good to visit the alma mater.

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Angus Burgers & Shakes

You don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy the deliciousness of this work of art, but it doesn’t hurt either.
Great, now I’m hungry.

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