Travel bloggers Steve and Ann Teget of PostcardJar.com show you 20 things to do in Kearney while you’re waiting on the cranes

By Steve Teget

Sitting in the blind you’re amazed at the noise coming from the river. The cranes get louder and more frenzied, reaching a crescendo you simply weren’t expecting. Suddenly, tens of thousands of huge birds take to the air, wings flapping, the squeaking even louder now. You watch as the flocks head off toward the fields nearby for a full day of feeding. Your heart pounding in your chest, you slowly realize that you’ve just witnessed one of the most amazing spectacles in all of nature.

sandhill cranes

And then, you start to wonder what you’re going to do for the next twelve hours until the cranes return to the river. Well, not to worry, there are plenty of things to do in Kearney, Nebraska, while you wait for the cranes. In fact, we put together a list of 20 fun things to do while you’re there. We’d like to thank the Kearney Visitors Bureau for hosting us and sponsoring this post.

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