Unique Finds

Discover Unique Places & Things To Do in Kearney

With over 573 towns big and small, you will find a lot of one-of-a-kind experiences when you visit the Cornhusker State. But one place you can’t miss is Kearney! It’s home to many unique places and things that you can’t find anywhere else. Read on to discover the one-of-a-kind experiences available in Kearney.

Kearney Water Trail

Get a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard and take a float down the 2.3 mile Kearney Water Trail. One of two water trails in Nebraska and soon to be the first with white-water features, coming in 2022! This unique outdoor recreation opportunity is great for all ages and skill-level. The trail feels like a getaway but you are still within city limits. No kayak? No problem! Kearney Paddle Sports can set you up with one and even offers tours that include a shuttle drop-off.

Classic Car Collection

A rare display of over 200 classic vehicles makes the Classic Car Collection a unique attraction and nothing you can find anywhere else in the state. You’ll see everything from early Model Ts to cars from the 1990s. You can even find one-a-kind cars like the racecar Pete’s Patriot. Nostalgic settings, like a drive-in theater, and an old gas station set the scene for these classic vehicles and leave you with memories of the good ol’ days.

Suwannee Thai Cuisine

Find unique eats like Suwannee Thai Cuisine located across from the University of Nebraska at Kearney campus. Yes, you read that right, authentic Thai food, in the heart of Nebraska! Locals and visitors rave about the unique flavors found at this family-owned and operated restaurant which is unlike anywhere else around! Their goal is to let you experience Thai culture through their flavorful menu. From the traditional sweet southern style Thai dishes to the northern-inspired spicy Drunken Noodles, you’re sure to find something you will crave again and again! And don’t forget the dessert, they are just as beautiful as they are tasty!


Well, there is nothing else quite like the Archway! Interactive historical museum or outdoor adventure, you can find it at the Archway. Take the self-guided tour through the historical museum, pan for gold and gemstones, complete the outdoor maze, visit the fish pond, or have a picnic by the creek. Another unique part of the Archway campus is that the Hike/Bike trail goes right by. Head west back to Kearney or go east until the trail reaches Fort Kearny.

Joy’s Table

Joy’s Table is a local favorite known for their homemade pasta and a top-notch line-up of steaks (plus so much more)! Joy’s Table brings fine dining and a family-friendly atmosphere together for an exceptional dining experience, unlike any around.

G.W. Frank Museum

Built in 1890, the G.W. Frank Museum was the opulent home of capitalists George and Phoebe Frank and was among the first electrified houses in the American West. Its unique story as a once modern, stylish residence, turned rental property, sanitarium, and tuberculosis hospital offers a window into Kearney’s past – its early rise and fall, and its rebirth as an education center as part of the Unversity of Nebraska at Kearney campus.

*Currently closed for visitors but can be viewed from the outside.

K-Town Cakery

If you haven’t heard of Ktown Cakery then you’re in for a real sweet treat! Located in Downtown Kearney on the Bricks, Ktown Cakery is a delightful spot to grab dessert or get some goodies to go! With a menu full of tasty treats, ranging from oatmeal cream pies to cupcakes, macarons to gourmet ice cream, custom cakes to a variety of seasonal specials, and of course their award-winning cinnamon rolls, choosing may be a challenge.