Visit Kearney Like A Local – pt 1

Visit Kearney like a local. Tune in to hear our locals top 4 must-do activities.

A common question we hear around here is where do the locals go and what do they like to do. So we pulled together a team of Locals to tell you about all things Kearney. In this episode, we hear our Locals’ suggestions for their top things to do.

Meet our Locals:

Stacey Johnson

Co-Owner, Edith Joi Boutique

Fun Fact: My favorite thing to do is organize! I have been organizing homes, offices, and storage rooms for a few years now and never get tired of it!
Favorite Food: Pizza and Mexican run a close competition! 
Guilty Pleasure: Fountain Coke
Favorite Zoo Animal: Giraffe
Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere there is water and sunshine

What’s a ‘must-do’ activity to someone visiting Kearney:
“Oh I would make a day of it! First, you have to stop at the Archway when you get off the interstate. It is such a local treasure! Next, definitely check out the shopping around town. We have SO MANY locally owned businesses which I don’t feel like you see as much in other towns. And not just in one area either, the entire town is full of totally unique gems just waiting to be found. Finally, check out our parks. We have the most beautiful parks that are so well kept.”

Jillian Epley

Event Coordinator, The Archway

Fun Fact: I never needed training wheels as a child. Went straight from Trike to Bike. (I peaked early.) 😉
Favorite Food: Chips and queso
Guilty Pleasure: Watching the Bachelor
Favorite Zoo Animal: Sea Turtles 
Favorite Vacation Spot: Jamaica

What’s a ‘must-do’ activity to someone visiting Kearney:
“I would say if you’re in town visiting, you definitely need to check out the Archway. It’s such a fun, unique, and educational monument that I think everybody needs to go to at least once in their life, if they haven’t yet! There are so many great things to do in Kearney but I would also really encourage visitors to check out the World Theater. I love going there, especially at Christmas-time. Yanney Park is a site to see if you have the time, as well.”

Kyle Sayler

Captain/Owner, Sayler Screen Printing

Fun Fact: I still have a ninja turtle poster hanging up in my room
Favorite Food: Nothing beats a good BBQ 
Guilty Pleasure: Cherry Icee and sour cream and onion Pringle’s while playing guitar on my truck tailgate
Fav Zoo Animal: Tiger – roar
Favorite Vacation Spot: Seattle visiting my sister

What’s a ‘must-do’ activity to someone visiting Kearney:
“The Kearney Water Trail, it’s kind of a new addition to our community. Get a kayak and go float on the canal for a couple hours. It’s nice and relaxing. It almost feels like a little getaway but your still in city limits”

Judi Sickler

CEO/President, Kearney Area Community Foundation

Fun Fact: Our goldendoodle, Remy, was an actor in the Crane River Theatre production of Annie.  He played “Sandy” and had to attend play practice in the summer of 2018.
Favorite Food:  Nebraska steak
Guilty Pleasure:  Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard
Favorite Zoo Animal:  Definitely, the monkeys
Favorite Vacation Spot:  Napa Valley, California

What’s a ‘must-do’ activity to someone visiting Kearney:
Yanney Heritage Park. “Anybody can come here and have a great time. Whether your fishing, or walking the dog or playing on the splashpad, there is something for everyone here.”